Back from Angoulême!

Back from Angoulême!

Bonjour Everyone! :D
I’m back from the Angoulême Comic Festival!

It’s been an amazing experience in all ways, I feel like lots of old fears are left behind, and lots of new and good things are coming!
I was terrified and more nervous than in my whole life, but in the end it all went very well, I met very nice people from France and also from Spain, and signed my first books ever! ^^

I departed from Barcelona on Wednesday 27 at noon, on a bed-train. I arrived at Limoges at 5 in the morning. There took a train to Angoulême that arrived at 9.
After going to the centre of the village and taking something to eat, I went to the Galleries Lafayette, to meet the staff of Emmanuel Proust editions.
After a bit of chaos and nerves, I finally managed to introduce myself and seat to sign for the first time. It was a great! I think I’ll always remember the faces of these few first people who came for the signings! Thanks a lot!

In the afternoon, a guy from the Tolouse television TLT made me an interview about Eros/Psyche. It was my first experience with this too, but I think it went well.
And finally we all had a very nice dinner in Angoulême before departing to the house where we were sleeping, 30 km from the city. It was a wonderful place, wish I had taken some pictures.

On Saturday I wasn’t as nervous as the previous day, and after a good night sleep I felt so much better! We were all day in Galleries Lafayette, and after the signings ended we went to see Tron Legacy! Was great, and luckily it was in english! This last night we had dinner on the sleeping house, and had so much fun with the other spanish guys that were in the editorial.

On Sunday 30, we spent the last morning signing on the bookstore Chapitre. In the afternoon I was free to visit the festival and the city, which is stunningly beautiful.
And finally at 8 in the afternoon I took a train to Poitiers, then another one to Limoges (where I met a very nice girl who shared her computer with me to see a movie!), and then the bed-train back to Barcelona!

It was all very intense. I thought I would be nervous about the signings, but in fact this was the easiest part of all! I felt great doing them and very thankful to all the people who bought the book!
I wish I had known a bit of French, because it was difficult to communicate sometimes. But I’m going to fix that as soon as possible! : D

Also, French food is really good, but quite heavy for a person who is so used to Mediterranean food like me. But Croissants are AMAZING. The things we have here are barely a shadow of what they really taste like in their original home!

Some of the very few pics I took. I forgot about my camera until the day I was returning home ^^U Too many things in my head! xD

And well, that’s all by now folks! ^^
Take Care!!