Angoluême 2011 + “Dolhouse” preview

Hi everyone! Happy 2011! :D

I’m so happy and exited because next week I’ll be attending the Comic Festival of Angoulême to sign copies of Eros/Psyche!

ANGOULÊME 2011 - EROS/PSYCHE Signing Schedule

Friday 28 & Saturday 29 at Galeries Lafayette - 10h to 19h

Sunday 30 at the bookstore Chapître - 10:30h to 12:30h

It’s my first time ever signing, and I don’t speak any French... xD

But I’m sure it will be fine! ^^

I’ll tell you when I’m back! :D


And also, I recently finished my new graphic novel DOLLHOUSE, and here are 2 preview collages with some panels, hope you like them! :)

More soon! ^_ ~

Take care!