EROS/PSYCHE Publishing Info!

Hi Everyone!

How are you doing?

Sorry for the lack of presence in the last months, I’ve been wanting to update with info but also I wanted to have something to show you along with the news!

Here it is the finished Eros/Psyche cover!

The gray background will actually be silver! <3

Drawing by me.

Colours and design by the Emmanuel Proust design staff.

I’m really happy with the result, I hope you like it! ^^


Author: Maria Llovet

Publisher: Emmanuel Proust

Language: French

Release date: end of January 2011, in Angoulême comic festival.

I’ll update with some links to buy online soon! ^^

Also, I hope to be showing some of the things I’ve been working lately. I’m currently finishing my new comic “DOLLHOUSE”, I promise a sneak peek soon ;)

Take Care!