Great News!

Hi everyone!
How are you doing?

I have some great news to share!
EROS/PSYCHE will be published in France! ^^
I'm really happy!

I’ll give you more info about the publisher and release date soon, but just wanted to share with you the great news! : D

I upload this illustration to celebrate! ^^

Besides from that, I have other news~

I dropped “Art School Hidrangea” project in mid April for several reasons, though I had 85 pages already.
I don’t know if I will continue or transform it in the future, but I am already working on other new projects, and I’m very exited about them!

I won’t post pages or illustrations from my new works until I finish the projects, so there will be some more inactivity in my gallery for a while.
I’ll be back soon though, I promise! ^^

And that’s all by now!
Take care!